our fundraising engine is yours

Our Pack for your PAC ™

Purchase your electrodes at extra low prices and 50¢ of each item is donated in your name to the Political Action Committee (PAC) or Campaign of your choice.

Here is your chance to CONTRIBUTE to the cause you believe in AND SAVE MONEY at the same time.


- Raise money for the cause of your choice

- Contribute to the thriving future of our profession

- Help your Campaign with EVERY purchase of electrodes



PT4PT.ORG is a physical therapist founded company created for all of us, physical therapists. We took a work intensive thing and automated it: how to fundraise in our profession, establishing an engine for you to raise money for the campaign of your choice or to start your own campaign. Better yet! We made it so you can do it by purchasing consumables you use all the time already - ELECTRODES for now, more coming soon.

The same quality products you have already been purchasing. Except, besides offering you the best price possible, a part of your purchase (50¢ of each pack of 4 electrodes) is donated in your name to the PAC or Campaign. We figure it is time we all help our folks get the real big stuff done. After all, Physical Therapy is OUR profession and OUR future.