Not Just Electrodes Anymore...

We've raised over $25K to PT-State-PACs just with your purchases of electrodes since we started.

Humble beginnings indeed.

And although the website is still modest, this is just the beginning. We just added StrengthTape® options to the products you can make contributions as well as Biofreeze® and Elgin® pain relief gels, CanDo® Stretch Straps and we will be gradually adding a lot more! Your purchases will ALWAYS generate contributions to the PAC you choose, and although not all States are represented, nearly all are.

If not, reach to your association and demand from them. It is a free service we provide to all PT.

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We have been doing some background work to improve UX and UI of the website and hope you will feel easier to navigate, but most of all we have GREAT news we would like to share.

For the entire month of August (or until supplies last, of course), PT4PT will double the contributions when you refer a new customer that makes a purchase of any amount and of any product. In other words, instead of 50ç per item purchased, your contributions will be $1.00. For this to happen, whomever you refer obviously needs to be a new customer and so we know to apply the rule, they must name you on the PAC Checkout Form where we added a box for it.

Whatever purchases the new customer make generates the same 50ç per item contribution to the PAC they choose, until they refer someone and we then apply the same rule to them as well, retroactively even. 

So, to clarify:

When YOU refer BOB and BOB makes a purchase, BOB fills out the box that says YOU sent him.

BOB's purchase generates a 50ç/item he purchased in contributions to the PAC he chose.

When YOU make a purchase in August, your purchase generates $1.00/item purchase in contributions to the PAC you chose because you referred BOB whom actually became a new contributor.

If BOB in turn refers MARY and MARY makes a purchase, the same thing applies to BOB and MARY and so on, until the end of August.

I think you get the hang of it.

Bottom line is word of mouth is free except it pays the PAC double! 

For you that have been supporting your profession this way already is THE WAY to maximize your efforts and OURS in making PT a strong profession.

Share the opportunity with anyone that will benefit. They will save and contribute just like you.

You can see this could catch fire (in a good way!) 

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Raise a bunch to your PAC!