Here is how this works...

No shortage of skepticism amongst PTs. I should know, I am one of the worst (Or the best, as I sincerely believe skepticism is a positive thing), so I figured I could clarify PT4PT and the #ourPack4urPAC campaign we created. 

First and foremost, let's agree on a few points: 

1.  As we all know, the most significant issues in physical therapy are in the state realm, meaning it is at the state level that our practice acts are decided. Scope of practice, autonomy and protection of our profession happens there, in the state level.

2.  However changes will happen, either defensively or otherwise, they are more easily done by our professional collective, best represented by our state professional associations (_PTA) - Fill the blank with your state letters...

3. Such changes require funds. Money. And this money needs to come from somewhere. It does not come from your annual dues if you are an association member and it does not fall from the sky if you are not a member. It usually comes from fundraising by some PTs and PTAs that have some passion and want to see PT succeed. If and when they succeed raising enough money (and let's face it, they never really raise enough money) and in turn we win whatever battle a given state is engaged, everyone benefits, members or not [Here I should mention that if we are not collectively organized and well planned, we have no chance at protecting anything. This is obvious and goes for any human endeavor, not just this].

In short, we need money. Lots of money.

We could beg you for some. Perhaps do some raffles or throw parties. It's all good, but historically fails. And always ends up being a small reach attempt in which always the same few "get hit" for donations.


We could sell consumables that allow for a margin reasonable to make a difference, over time, from very small amounts month-in-month-out. In fact, consumables made cheaper to be a bargain and still raise funds.

You get the point.

You save by buying cheaper. And do your part by being the generator of funds for whatever state you choose.

And you still get the credit for it.

For the PAC:

In turn, every quarter, PT4PT sends a check amounting to 50ç off of every pack of electrodes sold, to the respective PACs you, the buyer, chose.

The PAC receives the check along with documentation substantiating the contribution so they stay within the rules. Thats is why, upon checkout, you have to fill out information "for the PAC". It makes it so the PAC can accept the money being contributed and subsequently put it to good use. You, the buyer, become a contributing member of the system (for the better) simply by being a frugal consumer.

It is nothing but fiduciary responsibility. Think of it as frugality disguised in professional CIVICISM.

That's it.

No strings. No catch. No gimmick.

Do you want to see PT turn into a very strong, powerful and respected profession? It will take a lot of money. But PTs have been paying too much for their electrodes anyway. And they will keep on buying them anyway. Buy these and see change happen. 

Help us share this concept with other PTs and PTAs. Social media makes it really easy and convenient. You know what to do.

Think your hospital, SNF or university wouldn't purchase from us? Think again: We created the means for them to do so and not breach their policies and still get discounted prices. Direct them HERE.

You know what to do. 

Will you do it?