It is a New Day

[or it could be] a new day.

It obviously does not depend solely on Chris and I ideals and efforts. For an entire profession to be able to fight on a plain level field takes a lot more than 2 guys, an idea and a website. The idea is really great, but like all other network effect required formulas, it requires the "effect". The network "effect" is YOU. Or the lack of it. Time will tell.

YOU, reading this, however few of you are: if there is fire in your belly, it doesn't matter if you use electrodes everyday or if you despise the practice of electrotherapy. What matters is what this little engine is about and therefore, even if you dont buy them you can always share the idea. Thats where the network comes in. If you are a PT or PTA you will understand that the collective effort is what we have not had, in a meaningful way, EVER, here in the USA. Sure we all mean well and we all have the hope for this or that, but how many put their money where their mouths are? There isn't enough money anyway. You all know the answer to that. And for years Chris has begged for more and more money. Not for him, but for the PAC. Thats where the idea came to him. From the "World's Best Chocolates" to the Florida PT-PAC (#FLPTA) first and then a few more PACs with hopeful PTs across the country, wishing to once in a while win a battle that matter. And now, this idea lets everyone "contribute out of saving money". Imagine that!

Be skeptical. Right now.

Don't believe me that you would save money while you buy what you need AND that same action will raise money for the PAC you choose.

Don't believe me. Be skeptical. The skeptic verifies.

Yet, I did not say be a cinic. The cinic simply will not believe and brush it off.

One thing has always been missing. YOU. The network effect. The word of mouth. The advertising that always works.

Indeed, last year our electrodes left a lot to desire and still we raised over $10K to 10 PACs across the U.S. Needing to make the numbers work to make PT4PT survive long enough for it to eventually work for you, we opted for economy electrodes that were truly substandard. They were too sticky and left some residue sometimes.

Ok, all the time.

We've made the changes needed, improved the electrodes brands and are now still able to raise the same funds to the PACs we promised without losing price competitiveness. We refreshed the whole system to match the millenial standards of ecommerce and yet all of it will not work without the damn network effect.

YOU. US. The word of mouth.

You see, I too want to benefit from this. I am a PT just like you and I too would LIKE my state to win a battle for me once in a while.

Forget PT4PT. Just do the math and you will quickly realize after we purchase the inventory, pay for ads, website and reserve the PAC contributions, not much is left.

So, now that we got that out of the do we get the network effect? How do I get YOU (PT or PTA) to help me, the PT, to score a win in my state. Once in a while. Something that matters to me and to my patient. Something to make me proud. Make me recognizable for the healthcare provider that I am. What can YOU do for ME? What would you do for me on this case that you wouldn't be doing for yourself?

PT4PT is one for all and all for one. It is physical therapists 4 physical therapy after all.

Is it possible PT will ever be able to make a ripple big enough we can be proud to call it a wave?

To generate true network effect?

If you wonder, I am in FL and I support my local state PAC (FPT-PAC) but I really would like YOU to support your own. Support yourself. Your own local PAC and your local peers. You helping me here in FL would be nice - really nice indeed - but it would not have true network effect and the ripple would not look like a wave. You supporting your local PAC (state chapter, member or not does not really matter, truly) would cause a really big wave.

A wave of change.

The network effect. 



Can you imagine? 

Can you imagine?