Over $10,000!

With just an idea and a website and not much effort from anyone, together we raised over 10 grand in the support of physical therapy! It has been just over one year and we figured it was about time to pump things up a little and energize the PT4PT idea and give it some gas. There is absolutely no reason why we cannot raise hundreds of thousands if we put a little collective effort.  We can make a difference if we want to. But do we? Collectively? It starts with you reading this blog.

Not having much success in having PACs help themselves (we all know they are not very good fundraisers), we went the extra mile and enrolled all 50 states. As of now, PTs can raise money for their state PACs from coast to coast (with exception to Massachusetts, because their contribution rules are just too complicated for us to keep good track of it all, for now - after all, Chris and I still are a team of volunteers).

Everyone can help. If you do not use electrodes you can promote the idea on your social media, tell your peers, your schools, talk about it on PT Pub Night and so on. World of mouth rules! These things do not cost you money and help PT a lot.

Over the last few months we have been getting requests for rectangular electrodes, so we are adding 2"X3.5" electrodes of the same quality and manufacturing as our original economy 2"X2", both made in China.

We want to make sure we are providing affordable options that still allow us to fundraise and keep the website going. We also added a Premium Quality, made in the USA, 2"X2" electrode that some of you may enjoy and we intend to gradually add additional products to the line up, so here is an opportunity for the PTs that do not use electrotherapy in their practice: tell us your needs and we will look into it. If we can make it work, we will.

Aside from this, and the new website design that we feel is more modern and up-to-date, the other thing worth talking about is the opening we created for additional fundraising campaigns you may create for yourself, for the things you care about. Reach out and lets get it going.

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