Once, again: Thank you to all that helped support their State PACs in this Q2. You are all awesome peers!

All checks are being mailed today and 13 states made the list this quarter with FL & TX leading the way again. We look forward to have other states catch up and more states join!

  • Arkansas PTA-PAC

Shannon Murphy

  • California PT-PAC

Tyler Andreassen

Todd Soares

Yvette Sardillo

Rob Brandon

Stephen Clark

  • California iPT-PAC

Jane Chapman

  • Florida PT-PAC

Alicia Nixon

Christopher Mulvey

Thomas Zeller

Emma Mason

Samantha Evans

Cassie Hatfield

Patricia Farese

Sarah Carballo

Ginger Hoang Le

Gaynell Anderson

Armin Loges (yours truly)

Brian Magna

Jeffrey Calandra

Brett Reuter

Jim Armstrong

  • Indiana PT-PAC

Keith Dyer

  • Kentucky PTA-PAC

James Ziege

  • Louisiana PT-PAC

Trent Shepherd

  • Minnesotta

Nater Stier

Blerim Dibra

  • New York PT-PAC

Matthew Criscuolo

Thomas Houghtalen

  • Missouri PT-PAC

Laura Copeland

Lisa Weber

Stacy Misner

  • South Dakota PT-PAC

Trisha Rieffenberger

Julie Wingen

  • Tennessee PT-PAC

Shani Campbell

Payton Redden

  • Texas PTA-PAC

Phillip Davis

Cary Malone

Jose Santos

Brett Carpenter

David Mallgrave


Thank you to all of you listed below. 2016 Q1 checks have been mailed with proper documentation according to rules & regs in your name as contributors to your local PT-PACs. Help others find out about this fundraiser  and see your contributions multiply, making your state PAC strong!



Shannon Murphy

  • Arkansas PTA-PAC

Jacquelyn Gilbert- Gammon

  • California-PT-PAC

Stephen Clark, Yvette Sardillo, Ron Higa

  • California iPT-PAC

Rob Brandon, Jane Chapman, Doll Pratap

  • Florida PT-PAC

Alicia Nixon, Christopher Mulvey, Thomas Zeller, Emma and Eric Mason, Amber Kinney, Cassie Hatfield, Patricia Farese, Beth Patterson, Richard Gajo, Gaynell Anderson, Mir, Guanche, Colette Amit, Armin Loges, Lynn & Jeffrey Calandra, Michael Willett, Linda Krajewski, Brian Magna, Brett Reuter, Eric Stevenson.

  • Kentucky PTA - PAC

Armin Loges

  • Minnesota PT-PAC

Rusty Wallman, Nicholas Gigliotti, Toan Tran

  • North Dakota PTA-PAC

Blerim Dibra

  • New York PT-PAC

Craig Reinstein, Alex Golubenko

  • PT PAC of Missouri

Paula Wilson, Michael Gorman, Ryan Pretz

  • Tennessee PT-PAC

Shani Campbell

  • Texas PTA-PAC

Brett Carpenter, David Mallgrave, Petter Bentz, Catherine Pierce, Roy Rivera, Cary Malone

  • Utah PTA-PAC

Steven Brown


Your PAC is Your Future



The CAL-PT-PAC has partnered with PT4PT to offer electrodes for only$1.99 a pack. With each electrode that you purchase $.50 goes towards advocating for your profession by being donated to the CAL-PT-PAC. To purchase your electrodes all you have to do is click the title link above!

The phrase "talk is cheap" is more than just a cliché in today’s society. It is the way the world, especially politics, operates. Your legislators are in a very difficult position. They are receiving messages from hundreds of healthcare providers, including physical therapists, chiropractors, OTs and MDs. Legislators receive conflicting arguments on a daily basis: one side presenting their argument on an issue, the other side giving opposing facts on the same issue, with each side believing whole-heartedly that they are correct and that the other group is woefully misinformed or trying to get away with something. By financially supporting candidates that understand the issues surrounding the practice of physical therapy we assure a thriving presence in the State Capitol.

By financially supporting your CAL-PT-PAC you will ensure that a single voice dedicated to protecting and advancing the profession will be heard where it is needed most, the State Capitol. Your CAL-PT-PAC is here to help support the most knowledgeable legislators who realize the services you provide to the community are extremely beneficial. By supporting "friends of physical therapy" you will make sure that those in power know how important your profession is to the health of our communities.

Maintaining a financially strong political action committee is the best way to ensure that your profession stays healthy and strong.



I would like to share with you a few of the highlights of 2015 as well as themes to consider with the arrival of the New Year. Increasingly, the CAL-PT-PAC is seeing more individual member involvement and local grassroots engagement. As well, we are experiencing increased annual contributions across nearly every contribution category. These are reasons to celebrate! During 2015, a number of CPTA members have taken a personal interest in participating in the election process and in the process of cultivating relationships with their representatives.

As examples:

·Dr. Jason Sanders, PT, DPT, OCS, GCS is intimately involved in the campaign of Mr. Jordan Cunningham, who is running for the 35th Assembly District seat.

·Dr. Sean Johnson, PT, DPT, OCS is actively supporting and promoting a candidate from Southern California, Ms. Phlunte Riddle, who is running for Senate District 25 and is locked into a tight political race that CAL-PT-PAC is monitoring closely.

·CPTA member Mr. Kevin O’Sullivan, PT has accepted an invitation to participate on our behalf in a local Health Advisory Committee established by Assembly Member Jim Patterson.

·Drs. James Syms, PT, DSc, ATC, SCS and Cheryl Resnik, PT, DPT, FNAP, as well as students from Loma Linda and USC, responded to invitations to attend local events for Sen. Morrell and Assembly Member Holden this past summer.

·CPTA President Dr. Chris Powers and Director Sean Johnson attended an intimate meet-and-greet with the California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla.

·Shelley Marchetti, PT attended a Halloween-themed event for Sen. Cathleen Galgiani.

·Dr. Jennifer Roos, PT, DPT, Dr. Jason Gray, PT, DPT, Dr. Andrew Lilles, PT, DPT, OCS, and Kevin O’Sullivan, PT, along with students from CSU Fresno, attended an event for Assembly Member Patterson in Fresno.

·Chris Reed, PT, OCS recently took time to keep engaged and meet with his longstanding legislative friend, Senator Jerry Hill.

·CPTA held another extremely successful student and CPTA legislative day in Sacramento.

This is truly only a fraction of what has occurred in 2015, and it is exactly what we need to be doing year in and year out---being involved---regardless of our need to push or pursue a legislative agenda.

Responding to the needs of the legislators, rather than always coming with a substantial legislative request, is critically important and goes a long way to starting and sustaining relationships, as well as keeping doors and ears open.  Since voters passed Proposition 28 in June, 2012, candidates elected to the Legislature for the first time in 2012 or later may serve a total of twelve years in either house, or a combination of the two houses.

As always, relationships matter, and our ability to remain relevant is dependent upon our commitment to fostering and sustaining these friendships. As the 2016 election cycle gets rolling, the CAL-PT-PAC Trustees will be counting on your continued commitment and investment both personally and financially. Any amount of time spent walking a precinct, manning a phone bank, holding or attending a local fundraiser will go a long way. Any contributions large or small will be prudently applied to helping candidates that understand our profession and our philosophical mission.

Lastly, thank you for your ongoing contributions and support, both personally and financially, to the CAL-PT-PAC. It has truly been my honor to serve as your CAL-PT-PAC Chair for the past two years.


Paul D. Smith, PT, DPT

Chairperson, CAL-PT-PAC


Tameka Island

Executive Associate, Professional Affairs

California Physical Therapy Association

1990 Del Paso Road

Sacramento, CA 95834

(916) 929-2782 | (916) 646-5960 - fax