Once, again: Thank you to all that helped support their State PACs in this Q2. You are all awesome peers!

All checks are being mailed today and 13 states made the list this quarter with FL & TX leading the way again. We look forward to have other states catch up and more states join!

  • Arkansas PTA-PAC

Shannon Murphy

  • California PT-PAC

Tyler Andreassen

Todd Soares

Yvette Sardillo

Rob Brandon

Stephen Clark

  • California iPT-PAC

Jane Chapman

  • Florida PT-PAC

Alicia Nixon

Christopher Mulvey

Thomas Zeller

Emma Mason

Samantha Evans

Cassie Hatfield

Patricia Farese

Sarah Carballo

Ginger Hoang Le

Gaynell Anderson

Armin Loges (yours truly)

Brian Magna

Jeffrey Calandra

Brett Reuter

Jim Armstrong

  • Indiana PT-PAC

Keith Dyer

  • Kentucky PTA-PAC

James Ziege

  • Louisiana PT-PAC

Trent Shepherd

  • Minnesotta

Nater Stier

Blerim Dibra

  • New York PT-PAC

Matthew Criscuolo

Thomas Houghtalen

  • Missouri PT-PAC

Laura Copeland

Lisa Weber

Stacy Misner

  • South Dakota PT-PAC

Trisha Rieffenberger

Julie Wingen

  • Tennessee PT-PAC

Shani Campbell

Payton Redden

  • Texas PTA-PAC

Phillip Davis

Cary Malone

Jose Santos

Brett Carpenter

David Mallgrave


Thank you to all of you listed below. 2016 Q1 checks have been mailed with proper documentation according to rules & regs in your name as contributors to your local PT-PACs. Help others find out about this fundraiser  and see your contributions multiply, making your state PAC strong!



Shannon Murphy

  • Arkansas PTA-PAC

Jacquelyn Gilbert- Gammon

  • California-PT-PAC

Stephen Clark, Yvette Sardillo, Ron Higa

  • California iPT-PAC

Rob Brandon, Jane Chapman, Doll Pratap

  • Florida PT-PAC

Alicia Nixon, Christopher Mulvey, Thomas Zeller, Emma and Eric Mason, Amber Kinney, Cassie Hatfield, Patricia Farese, Beth Patterson, Richard Gajo, Gaynell Anderson, Mir, Guanche, Colette Amit, Armin Loges, Lynn & Jeffrey Calandra, Michael Willett, Linda Krajewski, Brian Magna, Brett Reuter, Eric Stevenson.

  • Kentucky PTA - PAC

Armin Loges

  • Minnesota PT-PAC

Rusty Wallman, Nicholas Gigliotti, Toan Tran

  • North Dakota PTA-PAC

Blerim Dibra

  • New York PT-PAC

Craig Reinstein, Alex Golubenko

  • PT PAC of Missouri

Paula Wilson, Michael Gorman, Ryan Pretz

  • Tennessee PT-PAC

Shani Campbell

  • Texas PTA-PAC

Brett Carpenter, David Mallgrave, Petter Bentz, Catherine Pierce, Roy Rivera, Cary Malone

  • Utah PTA-PAC

Steven Brown


We are joining forces to further support the PT World. 

Now you can find PT Pub Night on our home page, where you can support their cause just as you can support the State PT PACs! 

50¢ of every electrode pack purchased will go to their campaign, in your name, BUT there is more: PT4PT will add another $10 to that amount on each checkout, until the end if April! 

How do you like that? 



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Play BracketPT free, and support Disabled Sports USA!

Signup for BracketPT 2016 is in full swing! And thanks to some amazing donors – including PT4PT – each FREE BracketPT participant this year will equal a financial contribution to Disabled Sports USA.

So, what is BracketPT? If you’re new to this, the concept is simple.

BracketPT is a challenge to physical therapists, PT students, aides, friends, family, and those who support the profession across the country to compete in a single, online NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament “March Madness” bracket. The goal: to have fun, to earn bragging rights (both in your clinic and across the national PT Pub Night community) and, most important, to raise money for a great cause.

In our inaugural year, BracketPT brought together multiple donors and nearly 400 participants to raise $2,500 for charities such as Special Olympics, Girls on the Run, the Foundation for Physical Therapy, and yes, Disabled Sports USA. We narrowed our focus to a single charity in our second year in order to make the greatest impact possible.

Our 2016 beneficiary, Disabled Sports USA, is a national nonprofit organization with a mission all PTs can get behind: to provide adaptive sports opportunities for people with disabilities to develop independence, confidence and fitness through sports.

Their work truly changes lives.

“First, thank you so much for allowing us to participate again this year!” wrote Dave Simonson, development director for Disabled Sports USA. “We LOVE PT’s, so being included in this fundraiser is especially meaningful to us.”

Donors are already signing up to pledge contributions to Disabled Sports USA based on the number of participants in this year’s tournament. And sponsors such as PT4PT, Cell Staff, BuildPT, NewGradPhysicalTherapy.com, PT Pintcast, GetPT1st, and Vantage Clinical Solutions, have come on board to support our efforts and get the word out.

(By the way, both individual and business/sponsor donations are welcome and can be made here.)

It all adds up to an online effort that’s not only fun for participants, but which also carries with it the potential for physical therapists and PT students to make a single, collective statement in the name of the profession: that no matter age, ability, location or financial background, optimal movement wields the power to change the world, one life at a time.

Just ask our friends at Disabled Sports USA.

PT Pub Night

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