OVER $20,000


We are mailing the fundraiser checks from our “Pack 4 ur PAC” today!

The Pack 4 ur PAC campaign, started 2 years ago to support the State PT-PACs and the important work they do, and it continues to grow and demonstrate success but it is not nearly as widespread as it can be. A simple math and you can understand what I mean. A simple math and you can easily calculate how powerful this campaign can actually be to transform PT across all states.

It is in every PT individual’s and PT institution’s best interest to support the PT-PACs in our states and PT4PT provides the tools to do just that with the cost of goods they are already purchasing elsewhere any way, except when purchasing through WWW.PT4PT.ORG they all SAVE and CONTRIBUTE in shot.

It is simple and straight forward: go to www.pt4pt.org and purchase there. Your PAC gets a documented check each quarter for it in the name of the contributor.

We created the system.  All WE (ALL OF US) have to do is send people there for their own benefit and the benefit of the PT profession.

Take advantage. Don’t miss out. It pays.

To date, PT4PT proudly raised over $20,000 to state PT PACs.

How are your fundraising needs?

Reach to us any time to discuss how to improve your quarterly funds.